Come and Play


Welcome to Girls and Boys
“Helping children grow wings and nurture their sense of wonder to inspire them to believe”

Meal Menu

Nothing beats the smell of home cooked food!

At Girls & Boys we know that giving children good nutrition is the best gift we can present them with! It’s a tangible gift that is evident in their eyes, their skin, their hearts and bones.

Outdoor Play

Girls & Boys outdoor is a large open area space allowing the children to pick themselves the area that they would like to play in. We have large outdoor spaces that allow climbing, crouching, rolling, building

Meet the Staff

The team that are dedicated, fun loving and enthusiastic


Open 50 Weeks of the year
Mon – Fri 7.30am -6.30pm
Shift pattern contracts available
School holiday club available

Ofsted Inspection

After the initial registration visit to ensure the setting meets all ofsted requirements, ofsted will then carry out an inspection on the setting

Our Children

Caterpillar 0 Mths – 2 Years old
Cocoon 2 Years – 3 Years
Butterflies Pre – School